The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race Cambodia 2016

The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race Cambodia 2016

3 – 5:30 pm

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Following the success of The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race last year … it’s back in 2016, bigger and more flamboyant than ever!!!

So, what is The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race?

The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race is a scavenger hunt, where teams of 4-5 people solve clues, hunt for hidden locations and landmarks throughout Phnom Penh, and compete to earn the most points throughout the course. There are also lots of opportunities to win prizes throughout the race!
From the starting line, teams are given a crossword puzzle to solve which will in turn lead them to checkpoints where they must successfully complete challenges—following clues—until they reach the end of the race. Locations will include popular Phnom Penh attractions, such as bars, restaurants and more!

At Pride, most of the events are night outings and there are a lot of events that take place indoors. The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race lets people explore the city a bit – people can challenge each other, run around a bit and meet people.

This fabulous community event will take place on Saturday 21st May 2016 from 3-5:30pm.

Entry criteria and more details:
• Teams must decorate their team tuk-tuk to participate in the race. The most fabulously decorated tuk-tuks will earn an extra bonus for the race, as will the teams wearing the most eye-catching costumes.
• Teams of 4-5 are encouraged (a mix of Khmer & English speakers, as clues will be in both languages). However, event organisers are happy to link folks up with others, if they don’t have 4-5 people to make a team.
• Each team is responsible for providing its own decorated tuk-tuk and driver for the race.
• Your team must register at by the deadline of Monday 15th May 2016.
• Each team must bring their own personal device for taking photos throughout the race.
• There is no entry fee, but a donation of $5-$10 per team is suggested on the day. The prize pot will be donated to a local charity as nominated by the winning team.
• Your team must be in good physical health to participate in the race.

Race challenges:
Teams will compete in a variety of photo challenges at locations and businesses throughout downtown Phnom Penh. Challenges can range anywhere from physically demanding to just plain silly and fun! Running and walking will be required at times.

The race would be easy enough for anyone and everyone to take part, as the stops along the course are within easy tuk-tuk driving distance and competitors can tackle the course at their own pace.
Some participants will be competitive, but it’s not physically intensive at all. It’s more of a fun, intellectual team challenge.

It’s a great adventure that is fun for all LGBTIQ as well as their STR8 allies! The course will lead participants to a number of must-see Pride Cambodia sites in Phnom Penh.

The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race will take place from 3-5:30pm on Saturday 21st May 2016.
For more details or to register your team, please email the event organiser, David

The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race Cambodia 2016

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