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Kinyei Cafe is certain to have the very best coffee as it is managed by Feel Good’s cafe (Phnom Penh) by the gay owners Jose and Marc.

Like their Phnom Penh business, this is extremely gay-friendly and you will feel comfortable here and well-looked after. With a limited gay scene in Battambang, this is a really welcome addition and alternative venue for gay people to mix and network.

Below the picture and map you will find the press release outlining how different this cafe as it is part of a project to empower more Cambodian people. And all power to them, we wish Jose and Marc all the best and hope to visit soon.


Kinyei Cafe – A gay friendly cafe for Battambang

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On this map you can also see the red flag for Bric-a-Brac – Another gay venue in Battambang

Press Release for: Kinyei Cafe new ownership and reopening By Feel Good Café and Coffee Roasters and Kinyei Collaborate for Change Contact: Jose Rivera ( +855 (0)17497538 We are happy to announce the reopening of Kinyei Cafe at St. 1 ½ , Battambang starting November 2, 2015. On November 7, 2015, we plan to hold a community “soft launch” with a fun ride and free coffees, celebrating Kinyei Collaborate for Change’s “Most Inspiring Responsible Tourism Initiative” 2015 award from Wild Asia and as a “thank you” to our community of friends in Battambang who consistently support and promote our business and our staff. The press will also be invited to a “grand reopening” event later in November, which will be right around the same time as our fifth year anniversary! We are planning an event to celebrate and will provide details when they are finalised, but in the meantime please come visit Kinyei Cafe’s exceptional baristas serving espresso based coffee drinks and the signature drinks from our two Cambodian National Barista Champions (Untac Nem, 2013 and Sakana Long, 2014) using coffee from Feel Good Coffee Roasters in Phnom Penh. We are also proud to debut a new, expanded cafe menu and new furniture and an updated interior! The renovation and reopening of Kinyei Cafe signifies a new phase for Kinyei Cafe. We have a new ownership model, under which Feel Good, our original owners (Melina Chan, Katie Halleran, and Justin Lorenzon), Kinyei Cafe’s general manager Chhouert Leng and our employees are all part owners. In the spirit of an enterprise with truly “social” ends, each of our employees will receive a beneficial ownership share in the company once they have been employed with us for a year. This share entitles them to take part in management decisions affecting the cafe, and to a quarterly profit-related bonus.

This way, we reward our hardworking staff with both more responsibility and financial compensation for their amazing commitment to making Kinyei Cafe a special place, not just for drinking coffee, but for supporting and welcoming the whole community. For images from the renovation, please see our facebook page: Kinyei-Cafe-826462280735990/ Background Kinyei Collaborate for Change promotes social entrepreneurship with two businesses, a socially responsible bike tour company (Soksabike) and a training cafe (Kinyei Cafe), which together empower Cambodian youth to work together for the improvement of themselves and their communities. Kinyei created Kinyei Cafe in 2010 to offer a space where everyone could come to share ideas, news, and culture; a platform for emergence and development of ideas, music, art and even new businesses.

The cafe has given training and management and leadership skills to many youth in Battambang for over the past five years, and our new partnership with Feel Good makes this venture and our team stronger and more sustainable for the long term. Feel Good Cafe and Coffee Roasters is an employee-owned social enterprise established in Phnom Penh in 2013 by Marc Adamson and Jose Rivera with the commitment to use the region’s best quality coffee beans and to establish a business that not only employs but empowers. In each place where we source coffee we form business relationships with other social enterprises, which help us not only procure and roast great coffee beans but also look after the people who grow them. Feel Good is comprised of two cafes in Phnom Penh, one in Battambang (Kinyei Cafe), and our coffee roasting and cafe equipment supply businesses. Our cafes feature fresh, healthy food, delicious cakes and excellent fresh roasted coffee, are run and managed by our amazing staff led by general manager and roaster Sophorn Phann. The addition of Kinyei Cafe to the family of “Feel Good” coffee businesses is Feel Good’s first cafe partnership; the Kinyei staff will enrich and improve our business as a whole and furthers the ends that our employee ownership model promotes.

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