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8:00am-12:00pm: United Sisterhood Office – Internal only: Welcoming and Update community issue – ROCK.

8:00am-12:00pm: CamASEAN-School Club (Prey Veng, Baphnom High School) – #PurpleMySchool or Stop Bullying at Schools in Baphnom Prey Veng: CamASEAN/MRI

13.00-17.00pm: Phnom Penh at LICADHO Office – LGBTI Legalization and LGBTI Movement Update – CamASEAN/MRI

14.00-15.30 pm: Pre-school Teacher Training Center #201 Norodom Boulevard – Rainbow Mass – Christian Ecumenical Worship Service welcoming LGBT and all: Joint NGOs and Churches.

14:00 PM: Rainbow Mass – Christian Ecumenical Worship Service, Pre-school Teacher Training Center, #201 Norodom Boulevard, 

Evening: POPP Opening party – POPP is a new bar that opened last year and has enjoyed great success – we are really looking forward to their first Gay Pride Party tonight! – See the Phnom Penh page for where to find this bar

6 – late: Sihanoukville Pride Parties at the Oga Bar – See Sihanoukville page for map and details for this bar – 14th to May 22th , a special cocktail evening – every evening – with a special cocktail named Gay Pride Cambodia to celebrate gay pride week.

9.30am-12.00pm: Phnom Penh at LICADHO Office – Rights to Belief and Rights to Religion Dialogue – CamASEAN/MRI

9.30am-12.00pm: Prek Bangkang Pagoda – Open to public: Community Day – RoCK and CamASEAN

17.00-20.00pm: LILA Center (corner streets 508&103, Sangkat Boeung Trabek) – Open to public: Talent contest “LGBT Got Talent” – RoCK

8.00am-9.00am: Phnom Penh (National Radio Channel AM 918KHz and FM 105.70 MHz ) – Radio Talk for Pre-IDAHOT – CamASIAN.

8.00am-9.00am: United Sisterhood office – Internal only: Presentation on Baseline Survey Report “Opinions, Behavior and Attitude toward LGBT population in Cambodia” – RoCK.

13.00-17.00pm: Phnom Penh (PANNASTRA University South Campus) – #PurpleMySchool (Stop Bullying at School against LGBTI) Research Launching – CamASEAN/

MRIUnited Sisterhood Office – Internal Only: Workshop on LGBT and Mental Health – RoCK

Afternoon: Community in Phnom Penh – Field visit to MSM and transgender community, especially those are vulnerable and/or living with HIV – Bandanh Chaktomuk.

8.00am-12.00pm: CJCC or CKCC (tbc) – Press conferenceJoint official opening for Pride Week and IDAHOT – Joint CSOs and business sector.

8:00am-12:00pm: United Sisterhood Office – Internal Only: Workshop on Relevant Articles in Marriage and adoption law – RoCK.

13.00-17.00pm: Phnom Penh – Tuk Tuk and Cyclo Parade – CamASEAN

United Sisterhood Office – Internal Only: Introduction to Declaration of Family Relationship – Rock

17:00-19:00pm: United Sisterhood Office – Public: Tribunal to Deceased LGBT people who have lost their lives due to acts of hate crime RoCK

17.30-21.00pm: Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – Grand Pride Opening and Launch of the week-long Cambodia Pride Film Festival – FREE DRINKS AND FOOD FROM 6 UNTIL 9PM -Meta House (See map!) From Free condoms to music and performance, exhibitions and film screenings – click here for the full itinerary at Meta House!



5 – 8 pm: Manor House, No 21, St 262, Phnom Penh – Cocktail and Barbecue event – Be sure of excellent food and plenty of space to cool off in the bar-side swimming pool! – See map!

17.00-20.30pm: Phnom Penh (Venue to be confirmed) – LGBT Awareness Concert – NGOs: Khana, Flagship, Bandah Chaktomuk, MHSS, MHC, AHF, CCHR and RHAC, CamASEAN, RoCK

20:00 – 23:00: Strange Fruit bar, No. 213E1, Street 19z, Chey Chum Neash, Phnom Penh – an excellent and sure to be packed party that will feature a fashion show and great company! – details to be confirmed – See map!

19.00-22.30pm: Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – See map!

Cambodia Pride Film Festival:


      ‘We are same’ project presented by Media One


12:00 – 05:00am: Shameless!!! @ Pontoon club – See map! – Join Marcus and the Shameless!!! crew for an amazing night of glamour, theatre, performance at 1:30am (One of the best shows we have ever been to here at Gay Cambodia News) and the very best music!


10.00 – 11.00am / 18.30 – 19.30pm: Zumba, Advance Learning Academy, Dance Studio 1, Aeon Mall 3rd Floor – Join the Zumba Pride Party with a special surprise to all who come dressed up to support Cambodia’s LGBT community.

7pm til late: SPACE HAIR BAR, No 66, Street 136 (Oknha In), Riverside, Phnom Penh – See map! – If this party is anything like last years you will need to take the next day off! Amazing hosts and a great atmosphere at this unique and popular bar

19.00-22.30pm: Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – See map!

Cambodia Pride Film Festival:

      Cambodian Transgender Night

      The Danish girl

7pm til very late: Blue Chilli – Pride it Out party – This, the oldest and most famous bar in Phnom Penh, had an amazing success last year with a marque on the street, outside bars and a host of great acts – this party is not to be missed! – See map!

19.00-22.00pm: Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – See map!

Cambodia Pride Film Festival

      Indonesian documentary-Kiki Febriyanti’s CALALAI: IN-BETWEENNESS

      Lost in Paradise

10am – 14.30pm: Lunch at Feel Good cafe – Expect a sumptuous feast with excellent entertainment – We can’t wait to feel the good this year! – See map!.

15.00 – 17:30pm: The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race

Following the success of The Amazingly Fabulous PRIDE Tuk-Tuk Race last year … it’s back in 2016, bigger and more flamboyant than ever!!!

Follow this link for all you need to know about this event for LGBT Pride Cambodia 2016

19.00-22.00pm: A&P Street 71 – See map! – To be confirmed ( contact Sarel Thong Van at – Q magazine (the first gay magazine in Cambodia) 1st year anniversary party.

19.00-22.00pm: @  Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – 

          Cambodia Pride Film Festival:

          Indonesian documentary – Tonny Trinmarsanto’s EYE LASHES

          Fundamentally Happy

7- 11pm: Vapor Bar launch party on Street 240, No. 45. EO – The newest bar to hit the scene promises an awesome party to get you right in the mood for Heart of Darkness!

10pm til very late: It’s the Heart of Darkness BIG party night – last year featuring excellent DJ’s, with the owner himself taking to the decks, a bare-chested beauty show (boys only i’m afraid girls!), and some of the fabulous drag acts from the Blue Chilli! – This is really going to finish Pride off with a bang – See you there! – more details to follow and you can find this venue on the Phnom Penh and Maps pages.

Afternoon: Pool Party and the Rambutan and A&P – Last year these venues linked together and had an amazing wind-down party for the very last day of Pride. A day to remember and enjoy the pool bar spa and even the odd surprise act!

19.00-22.00pm: @  Meta House, No 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh – 

          Cambodia Pride Film Festival:

           Indonesian documentary-A question for my father

           Stefan Haupts’ THE CIRCLE


8 til late – AV 225 Bar, No 225 Street 13 (near corner of Street 178 – see map!), Phnom Penh – The Final Final party for Cambodia Pride 2016!

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gay-pride-slide-size-min It’s Monday the 25th of May 2015 and the day after LGBT Cambodia Pride finished its week of parties that culminated with Saturday’s parties at the Blue Chilli, Heart of Darkness, and the more relaxed Pool Party at A&P and Rambutan that brought Pride to an official close on yesterday. It’s been a lot of fun. For Pride, I have had to limit myself to covering the parties as there were just too many events to cover. My apologies to Feel Good Café for not making their brunch – I was still recovering from the week’s parties and I had nobody else to send. And of course to the Manor House and Villa Salt hotels for missing their wine tasting party due to my day job. However, I had amazing reports from both parties, telling me about the high-quality wines that saw people, after a spot of lunch, taking to the pool. I also had great reports from the Feel Good café brunch which was a delight with a tasty menu and a live show courtesy of Rainbow’s legendary Sophea who lit up the crowd with her famous drag act on that sunny Saturday afternoon. The week followed a week of events from many NGO’s and of course Meta House which hosted the opening night. rainbow LGBT Pride Cambodia 2016-minThe week of parties started with a huge success at the Rainbow Bar with an amazing drag show that featured both Khmer and Western Drag artists. I have never seen the bar so busy, with people taking over the street outside as it just got busier and busier. space-uniform-pride-minAfter this came Thursday and Space Hair’s party on which was full of handsome and super butch barmen delivering shots of Sambuca via carefully aimed water pistols. This certainly lifted spirits and relieved the hangovers that some were obviously suffering from the Rainbow party the night before. But the gay people of Phnom Penh are a hardy lot, and they soon got into the swing of things with a great atmosphere and even more people than normal in this very busy bar as this night ran in to the early hours. blue-chilli-LGBT-Pride-Cambodia-2016-minOn Friday was the big Blue Chilli party which had set up a large marque outside with a stage on which they launched into a terrific drag show with its famous stars. Many VIPs spoke on the stage and drinks flowed from the waiters both inside and out. On Saturday, the penultimate night, I got myself down to the 2 Colours bar to find Rathana putting the finishing touches to the art show which was starting at 7pm. The paintings were bright and cheerful as was Rathana, the Khmer owner, who was looking pretty cute, working up a sweat as he climbed up and down steps in his short shorts and t-shirt sticking to his body as he stretched to hang more works of art on his walls. After this, I decided to have dinner at Li Shishi which is a new gay-owned restaurant on the corner of 19 and 172. Italian owner, so Italian I had. 2-colors-LGBT-Pride-Cambodia-2016-minFully nourished, I returned to 2 Colours at around 9.30 and the place was getting really busy. Gay flags flew outside above a bar that Rathana had set up outside on the pavement to cater for the throng of people who had come to see his art exhibition, his fashion show, his drag show, his raffle and, of course, him. He and his team had done a lot, no wonder they were sweating! I stood and took in the moment with a cold beer, surrounded by beautiful art, and then suddenly confronted by a furore of gorgeous muscle boys breaking out on to the cat walk, which had been hastily constructed while I had been to dinner, and modelling fabulously camp outfits – the crowd stood salivating. The drag show followed and I couldn’t put my camera down, this was non-stop entertainment at its best. heart-of-darkness-color-LGBT-Pride-Cambodia-2016-minIt was getting late by the time I’d had a couple of beers and reluctantly decided to leave the 2 Colours’ bar to head towards the Heart of Darkness night club to get there before their Pride show. As I arrived I saw the owner Somnang on the door wearing a futuristic winged outfit that was turning heads everywhere. By his side was the famous Khmer artist Em Riem, yes, and these were the first people I kissed cheek to cheek before I took a few pics and scurried inside. heart-pride-2015-minThe Heart of Darkness was full to the limit. I couldn’t work out how I was going to get near the stage to take video and pics of the show. But I was saved as a security guard walked me outside and then gently ushered me into the backstage door and into the DJ box. I was lucky, the guard had seemed to mistake me for a real camera man. Well, what the hell, now I was taking pictures of the packed dancefloor. Rob the DJ pointed to some beers on the floor – was he offering one? Anyway, I thought it only polite, so I took one and opened the stage door and, beer in hand, walked out and across it and back into the dance floor to escape lest I had been spotted trespassing. By the time the security had cleared the stage for the show, I suffocated by a million elbows and shoulders and, well, I could hardly move. Disaster: I couldn’t get the angle to shoot the stage, and so unfortunately there is no video. BUT, there are pics – I got all the boys of the Mr Gay Pride bar competition, and all the gay bars were represented (Space Bar won this with their super-hunk). And, as the competition finished, a surprise – the Blue Chilli divas broke out on to the stage and launched into song and the crowd went wild. The atmosphere was electric and gained in intensity as the show came to an end and Rob launched back into the music with an awesome floor-filler as the building burst into dance. I quickly ran out, locked my camera into my bike and raced to the bar – My work was done and I needed a pint. And there I stayed, drinking and dancing until the music finally wound down, the lights went up and I realised the sun was shining through the doors. rambutan-pool-party-minThe Pool Party. I was not in the best condition when I woke up the same day just before lunchtime. After half a litre of water and a quick shower I was on my way to the Rambutan and A&P gay-friendly and gay only hotels (respectively) on 71 Street. I made it just in time to see Lady Gaga, AKA Miga, in full drag singing I will survive on the edge of the pool. This was obviously too much for Blue Chilli’s Oak who surreptitiously crept up behind and gave Gaga a winning push to send her flailing into the pool. A drowning drag queen attempting to lip-sync is a sight to see and everyone, including Miga, loved it. Later that afternoon, people began to leave and we realised that was the end of Pride Cambodia 2015!

LGBT Pride Cambodia 2015 Poster of Events

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